"By Service We Grow"

Roylance ’s is a Family Owned business that was established in 1955 in the town of Forbes, New South Wales. In the last ten years we have successfully opened two other branches; one in Victoria located in Tullamarine, and the other in Canberra. Over the years, Roylance’s has evolved to become a successful global business with both local and overseas customers.

The Team at Roylance’s are market leaders in the Industrial , Earthmoving , Mining and Quarrying industries. Our mission is to provide the best value to our customers and staff while remaining valuable to our customers and staff. The amount of interest in our business is highlighted by our successful Roylance’s Family Drag Racing and Engine Modifications that has become a passionate hobby and interest here at Roylance’s.

Our Mining and Earthmoving specialists are well known in the mining industries as we have been involved in background developmentsand are working in leading mine sites on a first hand basis.

Roylance ’s are customer focused giving you the best advice on making your workplace safer, easier and more cost effective.


 Jim and Nea Roylance

Jim and Nea Roylance – founded Jim Roylance in October 1955 in Forbes NSW


Roylance Original Building

The original building for Jim Roylance which was once run by F Rath & Co.


The store of Jim Roylance

The store of Jim Roylance which was used from 1963 until 2001.


  & Debbie Roylance, Bree & Justin Roylance

Left to Right – Chris & Debbie Roylance, Bree & Justin Roylance