Darrin Machell New South Wales Off Road Racing Championship - Crookwell

Thursday June 6th 2013


Darren Machell runs in a performance 2 WD category this means that you must maintain the original  shape and look of your chosen vehicle , must be 2 wheel drive, not exceed engine capacity of 6 ltrs for petrol or 7 litrs diesel ,and you must maintain the original chassis, suspension can be of your choice. Darren's truck has a LS1 5.7 litre chev with 6 speed gear box and a 9” ford diff with floating axles ,spring rear end with 2 x 2.5”triple by pass rear shocks. The front is going to be a new design trailing arm with 2 pr 2.5” shocks with coil springs. 

Darren Said "Our first meeting at crookwell was a wild one this was our first event with the new motor a horse power increase from 180bhp to approx 330bhp, the prolog was wild and it wasn’t until the end of Saturday that we really started to settle into the car, our times were getting faster as the day progressed at the end of day 1 we were sitting in a  secured second place, day two all that was needed was to finish to clinch second place with that in mind we adopted a steady pace  but on the last heat our stub axle broke and we had to DNF day two, which meant that we finished third overall for the two days"

"Next round is at Griffith 13th / 14th july which I anticipate to be a high speed track combine that with rain if we get it and to me that equals fun."

From the team at Roylance's we wish Darren and his team the best of luck at Griffith !

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