Roylance's Jet Boat Racing Cabarita Beach - 6/2013

Tuesday May 14th 2013

Justin and Bree Roylance Jet Boat Racing Round 3 15/6/2013 - 16/6/2013


Justin and Bree Roylance are competing in Round 4 of the Australian V8 Superboat Championships this weekend at Cabarita Beach, last round didn’t go as planned with a few mechanical issues and some driver errors.

“ Bree and I are much more comfortable and prepared with this weekend’s round, the boat has had some work done to the jet unit and had a few other issues sorted that caused problems for us last round, we are really looking forward to it” (Justin)

“Round 3 was not as successful as we hoped, Bree was unable to join me in the boat so Mitch Roylance put his hand up to navigate for the round, Mitch was great, it was his first time in the boat and unfortunately for Mitch we ended up taking a few excursions up the bank on the Saturday, but Mitch kept composed, after a night of watching footage and regathering our thoughts we actually did quite well on the Sunday, although it still wasn’t smooth sailing as we had a few mechanical issues, but we made it around and ended up in 11th position for the round, not too bad considering our rookie status and the issues we had to contend with over the weekend” (Justin)

Round 3 will be televised on Speedweek on August 3.

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