Rolled Steel Scraper

Each edge is designed to extend wear life and wear sharp throughout its life decreasing cycle times and reducing cost per yard moved. Select from multiple value-added cutting edges, such as the HD or XHD versions. Or choose a serrated tooth edge for truly tough jobs. No matter what the digging conditions, ESCO has a scraper edge combination to match customer needs. Scrapers equipped with ESCO quality cutting edges work longer, on high-speed schedules, with less frequent downtime for cutting edge changes.
ESCO scrapers feature:
  • Reduced operating costs and downtime for changes
  • Drop-center serrated cutting edges
  • Close set teeth to break up soil load with less resistance
  • level cuts with no deep ridges
  • Self-sharpening teeth for continued maximum penetration
  • ESCO steels which fight abrasion wear and impact breakage for longer cutting edge life
  • Fast, easy change from toothed to straight cutting edge as job conditions warrant