Tuff Clad

Tuffclad is a chromium carbide clad wear plate. Designed to increase productivity by reducing maintenance downtime of mobile and fixed plant, which are an in integral part of mining, construction and associated process industries.
  • Available in sheet form
  • Available in various thicknesses
  • Able to make it into practically anything

Technical information

  • Tuffclad can be cut, formed, welded and rolled into a wide variety of configurations.
  • Although easy to work with, Tuffclad should be cut and formed with close attention to a number of simple rules.


  • Ideally Tuffclad should only ever be cut using plasma arc cutting machinery. Arc air gouging should only be used as an emergency measure for on site trimming and cutting.


  • During hot or cold forming, the direction of the Tuffclad overlay is critical.
  • Both pressing and rolling are satisfactory methods of forming Tuffclad.
  • Hot pressing is acceptable, for items of small diameter or intricate shaping, at temperatures within the 1000 - 1100ºC range.


  • Particular care must be taken when welding Tuffclad to ensure that no dilution, and subsequent cracking, of the hard face takes place. Dilution of the hard facing, into the attachment weld bead, will cause cracking within the welds and failure of the welded joints.
  • General purpose, low carbon steel electrodes are suitable for welding the backing plate. Your Tuffclad supplier should be contacted for information regarding hard facing electrodes to be used in capping runs or sealing joints.